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With the addition of the children's cards we have expanded our selection page. We now offer our usual selection from our experienced artists, a selection from the children and a selection of cards we have put on sale. You may scroll through all of the thumbnails quickly or you may click on one of the selections below and jump that section.


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Experienced Artists Section


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TC-01                                  TC-03                                TC-07                             TC-10                               TC-11


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TC-13                                 TC-15                                  TC-21                                TC-22                               TC-23


TC-25  TC-27    TC-29   TC-33   TC-38

TC-25                                    TC-27                                  TC-29                               TC-33                             TC38


TC-12   TC-14-Cherry.jpg (127778 bytes)   TC-18-Gold.jpg (245323 bytes)   TC-19DarkBlue.jpg (184222 bytes)    TC-26 B.jpg (324700 bytes)  

TC-12                      TC-14                    TC-18                    TC-19                         TC-26                


TC-31.jpg    TC-32.jpg      TC-34.jpg  TC-35 TC-36  TC-37

TC-31                       TC-32                    TC-34                 TC-35                      TC-36                              TC-37


Most of the above cards come with several choices of background color as shown on the order blank. Each of the 16 background colors is represented in the thumbnails above. An artist's biography and picture is included with each card although artists' bios are not matched with the cards they paint. These biographies are on the drop down menu above.


Youth Card section


With the children's cards there is no set design or theme. Each individual card is completely different. We offer them either as Christmas theme cards or Eclectic cards, and you will recieve a variety of designs and background colors. There will also be some difference in design quality due to the age and disabilities of the children.



Typical of those with a Christmas theme:


Candle                    Christmas Tree                   Snowman/angel


These represent our Eclectic cards:


Sun                Mountains                Trees           IMG-8491             


Blue Fish               Green and Red fish                Dancing Girl                 IMG-8492 



Cards on Sale section


 There are currently no cards on sale.




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