about the new youth cards


Older kidsWe have been involved in the CEOLI card sales since 2003, when we started selling the cards painted by four young adult artists - all quadriplegics. Each year the number of young adult artists changes, as new ones join the group and others move on to different circumstances.  The original four artists are still with CEOLI and are now experienced artists with more than eleven years of card painting.



Young kidsOn our 2011 visit to CEOLI we learned about CEOLI's new program for younger artists. The young artists are from 10 to 15 years old with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida, as well as developmental disabilities such as Down's syndrome. Through this card making program the children learn to express their emotions and artistic abilities while honing their fine motor skills using pencils, pens, brushes or plain old finger painting. Their art is classic child refrigerator art with globs of potential poking through. These kids would like to share their work with you.


With the children's cards there is no set design or theme. Each individual card is completely different, so you simply have to order one of two groups: Christmas theme or Eclectic. Since there is no subject or constant background color, what you get is what is next in the pile. And that is part of the whimsy too. The $1.00 these cards sell for is returned to CEOLI where it defrays the costs of materials and earns the children a small financial reward and a very large sense of accomplishment.


We hope you enjoy these cards as much as we do.


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